Meditation for Adults

Programme for grown up involves three levels Discovery, Knowledge and Serenity. Meditation and its benefits are achieved with consistent practice. Discovery Level introduces you to the basics of Meditation and cultivates the ability to sit for some duration without thoughts to conquer your mind , focus and attention along with awareness will come slowly and with practice.

Once the level of discovery is complete and you are familiar to the process of meditation come the next level of knowledge, where you 
understand the deeper essence of meditation, its advantages and how you can concentrate on managing your emotions, stress level and 
learn mindfulness . In this level your be meditating for a prolonged time. In this level you will also be introduced to seven major chakras, and 
how they can be energized and made stronger by meditation.

Next stage is Serenity where you feel the bliss that meditation would provide and feel the drastic change physically, emotionally and psychologically. In this phase you attempt to develop your mastery in meditation. On conclusion of this stage, you will have the ability to 
meditate on your own, at your own convenience and enjoy the bliss of meditation.