ABout us

How it Started & what we do?

After becoming a parent, your whole perspective to look at things around you and your life changes dramatically. Your focus is your children and their wellbeing. Being a mother, whose profession has been teaching for years, I have seen and also realized that education and health are two important aspects of every child's life, but unfortunately the world that our children are growing up in is very convoluted, messy and full of pressure. This contributes to other physiological issues like anxiety, low esteem, fear, stress etc

Having practiced meditation for about 12 years, I thought of introducing meditation to my two children, with an intention to assist them, saw the difference. Introduced it in my class as a teacher could see the change in my students. Did it for my friends and family and got a great feedback from all. Hence decided to carry out this wonderful process to assists all other parents like me, who want their children to be equipped and have the ability to be cut above the rest just by using this age-old technique, the value of which our ancestors knew but was lost in time somewhere. So began the journey of Serene Space...

SERENE SPACE......is all about creating a calm and peaceful energy field around oneself, which leads to happiness.